Instagram – The Best Way to Social Fame


Gaining social fame is by no means easy, but there are ways to do it. Getting leverage in social media is one of the best ways to get yourself known today. Instagram is one of the most awesome social media platforms where you can gain a lot of followers. It’s only logical that the more Instagram followers you have, the more fame that you get. Buying followers isn’t something new on social media. But why buy Instagram followers?


You Gain More Exposure

As more people start following you, your Instagram profile can then appear in their friends’ feed or “Discover” tab. Through Instagram, you get more chances to gain more followers as a new person follows your profile. If you have a million followers, then you have a chance to have another million follow you back. That’s the magic of exposure Instagram has.


You Content Gets Shared More

Instagram uses photos as its primary content. It’s easy to browse through the newsfeed if there are only item. If you post your photos, more followers mean that your posts can get shared to a wider audience. Because Instagram is connected to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flicker, people can share your posts and gain even more followers in the process.


Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Photos have a higher chance of being shared online. Because they’re easy to see and each picture has its message, more people tend to lean more on this. The human mind is designed to react to visual cues. Compared to other social media content like links or text, photos are great for sharing, thus making your profile more and more popular. Just keep in mind that you should be careful in pictures that you post on Instagram since it can make or break your social media fame.


Great for Business

Now let’s go into the biggest thing about Instagram – business. Back then, people might have been skeptical if you tell that business can be better with the use of Instagram. That’s where they’re wrong. You might have noticed today that there are online shops, both retail and independent, putting up products for sale on their Instagram accounts. That’s social media promotion and it gains leverage when you have more followers. Let’s say for example, you have a hundred thousand followers. If you share a photo of a product that you’re selling, then you have 100,000 potential customers.


Become an Endorser

And then here’s the real deal. If you have a lot of Instagram followers, like several hundred thousand up to millions, then you’re more likely to score a deal with companies. Because most brands understand the benefit of Instagram to expose their products, they’ll want to deal with people who have a lot of followers. On top of the social fame you’ll be enjoying, you’ll also get paid as well.



So there you have it – Instagram is an awesome platform for a lot of reasons. Having a lot of followers has a lot of perks. But today, Instagram is not just about social fame – you can even earn money or promote your business while you’re at it.